Section 117: My home sweet home

Of all the cool moments at yesterday’s Packer game, the best one for me was when a 91-year old Korean War Veteran named John Oberg sang God Bless America during halftime.

Not only did he perform an outstanding rendition of the song, but he also inspired everyone in the stadium to stop what they were doing to listen, and then to join in.

In all my years of attending games at Lambeau, that experience will rank as one of the sweetest.

Section 117 did not disappoint either. We featured two pelt-wearing Packer fans from Alaska and a father and son duo from North Carolina among our raucous, wind-burnt selves.

Rick Wimmer, a Packer fan since the 1960’s, said, “This is a dream come true for me.” His son Daniel had given him tickets to the game and the two of them traveled from Winston-Salem and spent the weekend in Green Bay soaking in all of the Packer glory.

I love watching Lambeau first-timers enjoy themselves in our historic home.

A Seahawks fan to our left started out a little edgy, but turned out to be an astute fan, and I’ll forgive the young girl behind me who asked the young gentleman who brought her to the game what number Aaron Rodgers wears, because the guy’s response was so patient and kind that it warmed my eavesdropping heart. He tutored her throughout the game, gave her tips for keeping her feet warm and they also seemed to have a great time.

On the field, I loved that the defense shutout Russell Wilson for the first time in his career (although, when he’s not playing the Packers, I’m a Russell Wilson fan).

I thought our defense played another great game and, frankly, I thought the Seahawks defense played really well too. Who would have thought no one would score a single touchdown through three quarters in an NFL game between Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers? We sit right behind the Seahawks bench, so we also got a clear view of Seattle safety Jamal Adams. On and off the field, he looked like a true leader.

Lastly, what was  Carlos Dunlap thinking when he threw Billy Turner’s shoe in front of seven officials and 80,000 fans?

I wonder what the dignified, nonagenarian Korean War veteran thought of that.

It was cool to see the flyover on the jumbotron and live as well.
It’s so thrilling when those jets roar over the stadium.
Aloha from Alaska to Section 117.
The little boy in front of me covered all the bases with a Packer sweatshirt peeking out of a Seahawks jersey.
Daniel Wimmer gave his father Richard Packer tickets and the two of them had a great time during their first-ever trip to Lambeau. “It’s a dream come true,” said Richard, a lifelong Packer fan from North Carolina.
It’s pretty clear that God is a Packer fan too.
I have about 37 layers on, which was perfect for our first cold game of the year.
A little pregame photo-op with my sister Kathy and my mom. We’re very proud of our new Ice Bowl sweatshirts. (PC: Tom Poss)

4 thoughts on “Section 117: My home sweet home

  1. I do miss the crazy cast of characters in section 117! Thank you John Oberg for that beautiful song!

  2. Thank you for your wonderful words! My dad has been singing his whole life, and this opportunity was a few years in the works. We are so happy the fans sang along!!

    1. We were all so moved. It was really beautiful. I hope you’ll let him know how wonderful those moments were for all of us.

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