Mother’s Day is for everyone

I have been a mother for 34 years. I have also been a godmother, a mother in-law, a room mother, foster mother and, on at least two occasions when I’ve encountered someone with an exceptionally foul mouth having a very bad day, a mother-rhymes-with-trucker.

Mother’s Day is for me.

I like to celebrate it by immersing myself in memories of every good thing – the interesting breakfasts in bed made with love and globs of peanut butter; the long, mostly amiable walks to catch up and sometimes cool down; the earnest and occasionally curious artwork; the nervous stomach when I watched someone try something really hard and the immense relief that followed when it all went well; the kind of laughter that traveled up my whole body and lasted a good, long while;  the real pleasure of learning something new from someone kind enough to slow down and teach it to me; the crowded tables crammed with food and all those lovely faces.

Mother’s Day is also for you if you’ve ever been a mother, or a child, or encountered anyone with an exceptionally foul mouth having a very bad day. Mother’s Day is for everyone because none of us got here without one.

And, even if you don’t care to celebrate the person who actually pushed you out into this old world, you might want to summon up some warm feelings about a mother figure in your life, or about some maternal moments you shared with someone who needed a little extra attention.

We’re all here on Mother Earth for a reason and I think it’s to help each other out.

So, if you’ve ever opened an umbrella and held it over someone else’s head; offered a pair of mittens to a really cold stranger; baked a batch of cookies for a friend; sent a hand-written thank you note; smiled at a passerby because you wanted to spread a little cheer; posted a kind word or two of support; walked a neighbor’s dog; put a Band-aid on an ouchie; bought a glass of lukewarm Kool-aid from a sidewalk stand; read a bedtime story to a sleepy child; honored a chalk-drawn hopscotch; handed over a fresh Kleenex to cover a sneeze;  this holiday is for you.

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

I didn’t get to see them all together this year…
But I saw them in bunches and I hugged when I could.
If you’ve ever been the first one down a sled hill on a snowy Saturday morning, this holiday is for you.
This picture cracks me up. I think I survived this play with all my limbs though. So, there’s that. If you’ve ever played a driveway basketball game against a teenager with hops, this holiday is for you.
Love wins. Happy Mother’s Day.

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