Ode to the chocolate chip cookie

Tollhouse. Milk’s Spouse.

Way of life that I espouse.

Consistently sweet.

Tasty. Hasty

Loyal namaste-ty.

An everyday treat.

Slightly salty.

Not my faulty

if they make you cheat.

Easy Peasy

Every palate pleasy

Always good to eat.

Just dough tastes woah!

Baked, though, More so.

Popped right off the sheet.

Teaspoon. Hand hewn.

Fuddy duddy immune.

No need to be neat.

Great smell as well

wafting up the stairwell,

out into the street.

‘Scuse me. I see

a cookie waiting for me.

I think this poem’s complete.

I really think you can never go wrong with a couple of warm cookies and a cold glass of milk.

One thought on “Ode to the chocolate chip cookie

  1. I love your ode, u inspired me to choose coockies for my english homework

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