The Charlie Bucket list trip

In this Willy Wonka world, it’s nice to find a Charlie Bucket every now and then.

We spent the weekend with ours.

Visits with our adult kids always feel like golden tickets to us anyway, and this one was an even rosier gold because it brought our family a lovely new member.

We had planned to fly to New Jersey this weekend to attend our son Charlie and his fiancee Tara’s wedding but, due to COVID-19 concerns, they wisely postponed the celebration to protect their guests. So, we’re very much looking forward to attending that nuptial par-tay in 2022.

In the meantime, we hopped in our car and made our way east for a wedding certificate signing ceremony (though the Wonkavator might have been a more appropriate choice given all the logistical challenges everyone faced from their respective states).

As travel bans came and went and came back again, our intrepid young couple graciously adjusted. To accommodate us Wisconsinites, who would have had to quarantine 14 days if we had stayed in New Jersey, they signed their marriage license in Pike County, Pennsylvania, which seems oddly appropriate because they’ll have quite a fish tale to tell.

That whole part of the country is especially beautiful and the perfect spot to witness a marriage. Our hearts swelled as we watched Charlie and Tara become a married couple in front of their parents, siblings and grandparents. (Some in person, some via video conference).

Roald Dahl, the dark humor-loving children’s book author, could have written the script for all our lives in this crazy pandemic world. But, I think this quote most aptly represents our son, who once hung a poster of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in his bedroom, and his well-read wife Tara:

Mr. Wonka: “Don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted.”

Charlie Bucket: “What happened?”

Mr. Wonka: “He lived happily ever after.”

The night before the nuptials, we had a little getting-to-know you party attended in person by Biskupics and Heaslips (and one Askew Biskupic) and via Facetime by Katherine and Ed.
We also enjoyed a little pre-matrimonial hike. This one, along the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York border was very nice. I can’t wait to come back.
I really love this picture of Tara and Charlie at their Friday night gathering.
On a very beautiful Saturday afternoon, officiated by Charlie’s dad, Charlie and Tara became husband and wife.
We were quite thrilled to be there.
Accepting congratulations from Katherine (in California) and Grandma Peggy (at her sister’s house in Minnesota).
The brand new Biskupic-Heaslip clan.
Molly made the wedding cake, based on the couple’s request for a funnel cake.
We actually lugged her stand mixer across the country so she could produce this baby. It’s filled with white chocolate mousse and blueberries, held together with salted caramel, and garnished with peach rosettes and strawberries.
Here’s to all Charlie Buckets (especially mine) and their happily ever afters.

9 thoughts on “The Charlie Bucket list trip

  1. What a blessing for your family to be present to all this great love! Oh the joy! Congratulations to the newlyweds and your entire family!

  2. Glad that you could all celebrate the beautiful day together. I think back to the days of a pile of shoes by our front door and knowing exactly which ones were Charlie’s. Lots of good memories. Congratulations Charlie and Tara.

    1. I miss those piles of shoes but it’s been fun to see where they’ve taken all those amazing kids.

  3. Congratulations Biskupic Family! So happy for you on the beautiful addition to your family. Charlie and Tara were glowing, and so great that Vince officiated. Love to all!

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