Springing forward in Wisconsin

We spring forward with optimism here in Wisconsin, but we generally land in a big pile of snow.

Spring takes its time getting here. I think it likes to save one of its favorite states for last.

So, our tulips and daffodils sleep a little longer, and so do out buds. Our fat squirrels swish their thick fur tails around like they’re on a Parisian runway, and our winter birds have the trees to themselves for a while until their southern friends show up and say, “Move over, ya’ll.” Someone spotted a robin yesterday and we all gave a hearty cheer.

And we humans? We take each day as it comes, shed our parkas as often as possible, and still keep them close at hand. We like to stick our faces toward the sun too, it’s just that sometimes we have to peel down our winter scarves to do it.

And, occasionally, we’re a leeeeetle anxious for shorts season so we dash out there for a jog and return with our naked legs numb and tingly. (I’ve outgrown this particular rite of passage, but I saw plenty of knocking knees running past my house yesterday to know the seasonal frostbite 5k continues).

Still, it sure is nice to see the sun poking through those bare branches and hanging out for a while. Yesterday was a particularly lovely day in our neck of the woods, so we took our necks to the woods and stretched them out a little.

Like Zac Brown, I went knee deep in the water somewhere, had a blue sky breeze blowin wind through my hair, only worry in the world was a hybernating bear and I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise.

I love spring in Wisconsin…it’s supposed to snow on Wednesday.

Sunset there’s a fire in the sky, never been this happy never felt so high
and I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise.
Knee deep in the water somewhere...but the water was snow and I’m not sure Zac Brown meant that.
Ahhhh it was such a beautiful day, though!
I was a tree among trees.
And, speaking of trees, I loved the way these shadow trees reached out to their friends, including that lonely one in the distance.
Still looks like winter at our cabin.
But spring is in the air.
I really could not get enough of the sunset over Shawano Lake Saturday night.
Wisconsin springs have their own kind of charm.

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