June rainbows

A young boy recently asked me how rainbows are made.

I answered with all the scientific knowledge I once gleaned from the pivotal prism scene in Disney’s Pollyanna, and explained that light reflects off water droplets in the air and that’s why they always appear opposite the sun and generally after a rain.

A mechanical little guy, he seemed satisfied with my clinical response. But, here’s what I would like to tell him about June rainbows:

That they are all about hope in the face of fear and disappointment. Thunder booms, lightning flashes, rain sends picnickers scurrying for shelter. Then, optimism reclaims the sky in streaks of violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red and we all stand and acknowledge it in wonder and peace.

That they are magical playgrounds for leprechauns and gnomes and, in this increasingly technical world we live in, we all need a little whimsy and fun.

That they symbolize faith and, by their arch over the sky, they also provide a colorful visual of our own humble place in this universe.

That they represent love and God knows we need more of that in this old world.

So, here’s to June rainbows and all the hope, magic, faith and love they represent!

We watched this rainbow stretch over our house and talked about how rainbows are made.
Then, a second one formed, an abundance of hope, magic, faith and love.

2 thoughts on “June rainbows

  1. I think rainbows are magic and you captured their essence. They are such good reminders of all that can be.

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