Fresh starts, self-reflection, and opposable thumbs

I like to think of New Year’s Eve as a worldwide celebration of the three gifts we all receive just for being human — self-reflection, opposable thumbs and a fresh start.

How lucky are we?

Sure, I’ve had some years when I want to take that opposable thumb, wrap it over three fingers, lift the middle one and tell the previous year exactly how happy I am to see it go.

But, that gesture lacks dignity and making it not only would offend my mother, it also would put an immediate stain on the fresh new year ahead.

Who wants to do that?

I love the idea of waking up January 1st with a whole new year stretching out in front of me.

Will this be the year I write that novel? Perfect a pushup? See the Northern Lights? Organize my photos?  Drink eight glasses of water every day? Or any day?


The beauty of New Year’s Day is that it doesn’t matter if I’ve pondered the exact same possibilities last year, for the past eight years, or every year since I first picked up a fat pencil.

Every year starts new. A fresh set of 365 days equals a fresh set of infinite possibilities.

Thanks to self reflection, you get to make your very own goals and you don’t have to measure them against anyone else’s.

What a gift!

So, beautiful humans, what will you do with 2019?

Is this the year you start your own business? Propose? Lose some weight? Go back to school? Feng shui your house? Dig a garden? Learn to cook? Give up smoking? Travel to Africa? Set a budget? Volunteer? Mend a rift?

Then, get after it!

I hope you wake up tomorrow morning and point those thumbs up to give 2019 an attaboy, or clench that thumb over a raised closed fist to give 2019 a woot woot, or line those thumbs up against your palms to applaud the unveiling of 2019, or place that right thumb and the rest of that hand over your heart to pledge your best effort to 2019.

However you pose your very own thumbs, I hope you do it with optimism.

It’s going to be a great year. Now, let’s go get it.

Here’s to 2019 and all of its brand new possibilities. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring.
Speaking of brand new years and seasons we’re happy to leave behind…Thanks for the cool glasses, Packers. Now remember that you are only 76 quarters away from a Super Bowl Championship. Ready. Set. Go! (Seriously. Get going! You have a lot of work to do!)

7 thoughts on “Fresh starts, self-reflection, and opposable thumbs

    1. Ha! Too late. We celebrated a leeetle early last night. Happy New Year to the adorable George and his equally adorable parents.

  1. Always enjoy your blog. Great food for thought. I love your 2019 frames — I thought of you during that awful game yesterday. Here’s to a better year for Aaron and the Packers in 2019!!

    1. Happy New Year! Hope your back is feeling better. Thanks for the well wishes for the Packers. I’m pretty sure that was the worst game I’ve ever seen at Lambeau.

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