Like kissing your sister

Win, lose or somewhat deflating tie, Packer games have always been excellent opportunities to celebrate family.

We bring them with us to games, gather around living room televisions to watch with them, text updates, share touchdown traditions and toasts, food and frustrations, strategies and stories.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to tailgate with my husband, mother, daughter, sister, brother, sister in-law, and two of my husband’s cousins (along with a bunch of friends who felt like family).

Later, as I sat at the game under a hot Sunday sun, I thought about all the family memories we make every season in that historic stadium, and all the cool memories everyone else brings with them to the game.

Because it’s the only real home stadium we’ve ever known, Lambeau holds memories of all the people who have attended games there since 1957. On game day, it pulses with them. I remember ducking when Eugene Robinson intercepted a pass and celebrated by jumping into the stands (right onto my sister Kathy and my husband Vince) in 1996.

I remember how nervous I was when my daughter Katherine sang the national anthem on opening day in 2001 and again in 2006. I remember eating popcorn out of a megaphone-shaped cardboard container and watching my dad play in 1968.

And, my memories are just a few of the millions of memories made by families every game day.

Yesterday, my mom was thrilled to see her friend Jerry Kramer receive his Hall of Fame ring on the field during halftime, an occasion he proudly shared with all six of his kids.

They say a tie football game is like kissing your sister, but it was a lot better than a loss and, best of all, it’s another chance for all of us to make a memory of two.

What’s your favorite Lambeau memory?

I feel very lucky to get to go to Packer games with my family. Yesterday, I sat with my mom, my sister Kathy, and my daughter Molly. (For more information about my sister’s cool Packer skirt, see “Threads by Stephanie” on Facebook)…
It was pretty toasty, but I seem to be the only one sweating in this picture. Go Pack Go!
We also tailgated with Vince’s cousins Patrick and Jack, who brought memories of games they went to with their dad Jim (courtesy of their Mom’s season tickets 😉 )to the stadium. (Patrick’s friends gave him the jersey he’s wearing as a 21st birthday present. I thought that was a pretty cool gift).
This is Vince with the “Mayor of Antigo” Tom Kretz, his daughter Kathie and her husband Gary making some Lambeau memories.
My brother Mike, sister in-law Robin, her dad Bob and his friend Maggie also made some fun family memories yesterday at Lambeau.
We all appreciated the opportunity to see Jerry Kramer and his family enjoy the halftime ceremony, during which the Packers unveiled Jerry’s name on Lambeau’s ring of honor.
Dad Mike and Me
We’ve been making Lambeau memories my whole life and I look forward to creating more.


3 thoughts on “Like kissing your sister

  1. So disappointed in the TV network not showing Jerry Kramer being honored at halftime. After having to view a dozen commercials, we just saw Aaron shaking his hand for maybe 5 seconds.
    Hands down, my favorite Lambeau memory is watching the The Ice Bowl on TV. I was in awe of the dedicated fans who weathered the insane temps for the Packers.

  2. We Steeler fans know what i’ts like to kiss your sister after the BROWNS game. Yesterday we had no one to kiss except our butts. Hope you had some garlic that grew ok for you? NICK……

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