On this we can agree

On a busy Friday afternoon at O’hare Airport, my sister Kathy and I joined a gathering crowd at a south facing window.

Soon Terminal Five shut down almost completely and we all — gate agents, pilots, passengers and hospitality workers stood quietly and observed.

Fire trucks gathered on the tarmac below and, in front of them, ground crew members stood at attention. Military personnel saluted as the flight crew slowly lowered a single casket to the ground. An honor guard carefully draped the coffin with a flag and family members came forth the pay their respects.

Everyone inside and outside that section of the airport stood quietly and respectfully as the guards guided the casket to the hearse.

Those profound moments, during which one of the busiest airports in the world stood still to pay homage to a fallen military service member, stand as a testament to what we know as true in this country.

We know that members of our military risk their lives every day to protect us and the country we all love. We know that sometimes they lose their lives in that noble pursuit.

And, especially on Memorial Day, we know they deserve our profound thanks and admiration.

Happy Memorial Day and May God Bless all who serve.



5 thoughts on “On this we can agree

    1. I can only imagine. Were you ever notified that the family was on board as well?

  1. Yes. Our dispatch would show where the family was seated and I would always ask passengers to remain seated if time permitted in order for the family to deplane first. Back in the old days, agent usually put them in F/C, but a lot of that has changed.

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