One day more

The sun rose yesterday morning, stretched out across the dull gray sky and offered hope in iridescent layers.

I stood alone on a quiet bank and watched it arrive like a reliable old friend.

I am always grateful for the sunrise and the invitation it offers — to breathe, to appreciate, to rectify and to begin again.

We are imperfect beings circling around and entirely dependent on a distant sun. But, we are also mostly good; our moral outrage stems from a genuine desire to help, to make the world better, to level the playing field, to offer a hand.

And every morning, the sun shows up and shares its glorious optimism. Each day, we get to begin again.

One day more. That’s the gift of the sunrise.

It’s up to us to make it count.

I shot this picture yesterday in the middle of my morning run. After Monday’s increasingly awful news, I felt especially grateful to see the sunrise. Each new day is an opportunity to do better.
I took this sunrise shot a couple of mornings ago, on another river dear to my heart. Sunrises feel like a gift.
That gorgeous morning at our cabin, I also stood and watched the sun stretch out over this field.
My nephew Robert, also a morning runner, took this shot of the sunrise over Miami yesterday morning.
My brother in-law Steve also shot a picture of yesterday’s sunrise in his neighborhood in Racine. Yesterday was a glorious sunrise and today is another chance to get out there and return the favor, make the world a little brighter yourself. Right back atcha, sunrise. Here we go.



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