Live (to tape) from Lambeau Field

Section 117 at Lambeau Field can be a contentious place. Located directly behind the visitor’s bench, it generally hosts plenty of rowdy fans rooting against our beloved Packers.

While we’re normally aghast at such disloyalty, my sister Kathy and I have made it our mission to hospitably encourage peace, harmony, happiness, and …

Go Pack Go!

…good will among all NFL teams.

Last night, surrounded by Bear fans, we attempted to use Facebook Live to share our experience.

Unfortunately, we did not have enough reception to make that work.

Fortunately, our quarterback Aaron Rodgers did have plenty of reception and the Pack finally found a little offensive momentum, despite relying on two players (No. 34 Don Jackson and No. 30 Knile Davis) who weren’t even listed on the game day roster.

Not one to waste a perfectly good brand new lapel mic, I had a little fun and I’ll share a few live to tape observances and a  picture or two.

Here’s what you might not have known if you had not watched the game from Section 117:

  1. Bear fans like to whistle. Piercing, three-fingers-in-the-mouth, papa-call-the-cows-home kind of whistle. Charming in a corn field, a pinch annoying in a confined setting. However, we gave them a pass because…
  2. Bear fans have a wicked, self-deprecating humor. “You know you’re barely beating a really terrible team,” the fellow to our right said at one point in the game.
  3. Bear fans really don’t like Jay Cutler. The hapless QB manned the phone in front of us, inspiring all sorts of commentary about pizza and Jimmy Johns deliveries.

Here is a clip or two of what you might have seen had you sat in Section 117 at Lambeau Field:

I always make Kathy take a selfie on game day.
Kathy’s neighbor pretty consistently turns out to be a visiting fan.
This was my view, proving that a Bear fan and a Packer fan can attend a game at Lambeau Field and still remain friends.
Our section had a field day with this tableaux. “Hey Jay! Order extra mushroom and have it delivered to Section 117!”
But the whistling…Good Lord!
They all whistled like crazy people. What is that all about?
We followed this car out of our parking spot and thought the license plate was pretty clever.
Loved the national anthem by the Green Bay Symphony Orchestra.


2 thoughts on “Live (to tape) from Lambeau Field

  1. I’m playing my hubby in Fantasy Football this week. He has Aaron (he drafts him in the fist round every year) and Marcus Mariota. He benched Aaron this week. LOL…

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