Heart and soul in the City of Love

Katherine’s magic spreadsheet took us all over Paris, through parks bustling with happy children and uninhibited lovers, into cool bookstores and sweet patisseries, across flooded rivers and ancient cobblestone, to five-star restaurants and delicious street vendors.

But, the best gift her research brought us, unwrapped itself in Le Baiser Salé, a Parisian jazz club.

Cynthia Abraham, daughter of two jazz musicians, entranced us with her unique blend of Caribbean influenced jazz.

According to one reviewer, “Cynthia Abraham is a fairy and her magic wand is none other than her voice.”

While the young musician’s voice does impress, it was the beat boxing syncopation of her layered sound that really astounded us.

We trouped up to the upper room and watched her precisely place her tools — water glasses, tambourines, gourds, drum sticks, rain sticks, paddles. She used all of that in addition to her own voice as background vocals.

And then she sang one of the best sets any of us had ever heard.

We definitely recommend a visit to a Parisian jazz club. We caught an energetic gypsy jazz band on a second visit to the clubs and found them highly entertaining as well.

The best news is you don’t have to travel all the way to Paris to hear a little Cynthia Abraham. Her album, “Little Voice” is available for purchase and, just for a taste of the magic, I recorded a few numbers as well.


Cynthia Abraham
Cynthia Abraham blew us away.
PARIS! (and Relay for Life) 155
And then she invited her friends up and THEY blew us away.
PARIS! (and Relay for Life) 278
We also saw Ninine Garcia at Sunset Sunside.
PARIS! (and Relay for Life) 281
Our first taste of Gypsy Jazz was just excellent.

Here’s a little taste of the magic…


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