A belated Happy Veteran’s Day!

How appropriate that we celebrate the end of a contentious election by honoring the men and women who risk their lives to protect our ability to vote in it.

As war reporter Elmer Davis said nearly 75 years ago, “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.”

On a clear autumn day we can look out our front door and see a whole variety of heroes we’re proud to honor today.

Next store lives Doug, a member of General Patton’s army, who once crawled from a fox hole under fire, sprinted out and repaired a communications line.

Another neighbor fought in the Vietnam War, the third generation from his family to serve.

A few years ago our parish prayed for Ben, a sweet kid who had barely dusted the turf off his high school football cleats before he headed off to basic training camp. He pops back in every now and then, standing tall between his proud mom, siblings and growing clan of nieces and nephews.

I once worked with a cheerful young bride who remained very matter-of-fact about the time she served in Afghanistan.

A gracious Hmong veteran spoke to my high school journalism class about the role of Hmong soldiers in the Vietnam War and his own efforts to carry his family across the Mekong River when that conflict ended.

Our Grandpa John, Cousin Bobby and Uncle George all served honorably as well.

With profound gratitude, we wish them and all of you a Happy Veteran’s Day!

My sister in-law Robin snapped this shot of the Veteran’s Salute at Lambeau Field last week.

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