A strawberry lemonade toast to summer

Sometimes, when you live in Wisconsin, a warm summer day can feel like vacation.

An open window, a fresh breeze and the smell of cut grass seem like gifts when the climate you live in demands sealed double paned windows for most of the year.

We like to sit on our front porch and sip cool drinks while neighbors stop by to chat, pushing brand new babies, or walking puppies that have become dignified dogs through the long winter months. On summer nights we idly watch our neighborhood’s show where chubby little toddlers stretch into agile kids and the octogenarians never age.

Last summer, on a whim, Molly whipped up delicious strawberry lemonade. You can make this refreshing and attractive drink any time of the year. But it’s best served to the tune of a baseball bat cracking a ball and the squeaky cheers of T-ball players.

Molly’s Strawberry Lemonade

1 cup fresh lemon juice

3 cups strawberries (You can use a mix of fresh and frozen this time of year)

3/4 cup sugar (or to taste)

1 cup water

Blend first five ingredients and pour into a 2 quart pitcher. Add five cups water to the pitcher and stir. Pour over ice and enjoy.

World War II vet, next-door neighbor and all-around great guy. This is what 89-years old looks like in our neighborhood. I snapped this last night as we lounged in his immaculate backyard.
An artful display of our ingredients — sugar, lemons and strawberries. Molly also makes this lemonade with watermelon, which is equally delicious.
Juice the lemons. We bought this simple juicer in honor of Honey Bell Orange season, but it has come in handy year-round.
If you use a juicer, you don’t have to work very hard and you end up with these lovely lemon shells.
I’m saving them because I think it will be cool to fill them with lemon pudding.
I’ll let you know how that turns out.
Lemon juice, sugar, strawberries and a cup of water goes in the blender.
Blend it until it turns this lovely shade of pink.
There you go! Happy sipping!

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