Ring out a hoya!

I have no idea what a Hoya is, but I’ll ring it out with the best of them.
My husband and I graduated from Marquette 25 years ago and, still, when we step on that campus we feel like we’re still 22. The trick is to avoid mirrors and to surround yourself with similarly aged and like minded people.
Our phalanx last Saturday included four friends and fellow Marquette alumni, two of whom were Vince’s college roommates. As a bonus, I literally ran into one of my college roommates as we made our way into the Bradley Center to celebrate National Marquette Day.
In some ways, we went to Marquette in the golden age of Milwaukee sports. In the four years I spent there, I frequently hopped a city bus to County Stadium for Brewer games in the spring and Packer games in the fall.
As a freshman in 1982, I joined the throng of Brewer fans who streamed out onto Wisconsin Avenue in an impromptu parade to Lake Michigan when the Brewers won the American League pennant.
That year the Packers also made the playoffs and my friends and I sat in County Stadium and saw them win all three of the games they played there. The 1982-83 Bucks finished first in the NBA Central Division.
In addition to providing cheap entertainment, those activities helped us bond. When conversation lagged, a simple mention of RobinYount’s motorcycle ride around the infield picked it right back up.
My first job as a professional sports writer was to cover the Milwaukee Admirals (which was cool because ladies in the locker room weren’t that common back then and hockey players wear a lot of clothes).
Oh sure, there were classes to attend, papers to write and truly meaningful masses to attend, but when I think about my four glorious years as an MU Warrior, I am very grateful for the sports…and the guy I met when we both covered them for the Marquette Tribune.

Here we are warming up for the big game. In 1982 I interviewed
Vince’s roommate Guy, a hammer thrower, during my brief career
as a TV reporter. That’s Guy on the far right and I still have the tape
of that interview.
Ran smack into my college roommate Teri on the way into the game.
That’s my doppelganger trying to horn in on the shot.
I bet my mom, a proud UC grad, on this game and scored a case
of Graeter’s ice cream. The magnificence of Graeter’s ice cream
requires a whole separate post.
We took Molly on a campus tour because she is our last hope
to sport the gold and blue. This is one of my favorite spots on campus.
That’s Vince and me with our own Brew Crew in 1982.

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