The 20 minute storm of the century

A quick, 20-minute summer storm whipped up Friday morning, downing trees and cutting off electricity to most of our city. Many of the century old trees in the park across the street from our house were destroyed by the 70 m.p.h. winds. Home alone, Molly spent those 20 minutes in our basement, calmly playing her ukelele.
Our three brave tomatoes rode out the storm on our one tomato vine and are still perfectly content (though stubbornly green). Our cucumber vine took the occasion to sneak around our two beautiful basil plants and we still have no idea what’s growing under our potato plants. We’re a little afraid to look.
That’s your update from the storm of the century. And now, here are the pics:

Molly stands under a stately old tree, split in two by the storm.
We admire ingenuity and salute the people who fashioned a tent from the fallen branches.
Here we are under one of the sad, broken trees.
Here is our garden, untouched by the storm. Note the frisky cucumber vine attempting to strangle the basil.

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