Here are 77 reasons you want to be a Packer fan

As we gear up for the Packer home opener and alumni weekend for the greatest NFL team in the country, we offer the following 77 reasons you want to be a Packer fan: We are womb to tombers. Parents put their babies on the season ticket waiting list the day they are born and the [...]

In honor of the 20th anniversary of my dad’s death

My dad died dramatically Super Bowl weekend exactly 20 years ago. To mark the occasion, I am posting the eulogy I wrote. It's longer than I remembered. I wrote it on a few scraps of borrowed yellow legal paper sitting outside the door of my hotel room in Franklin, Kentucky at 2 a.m. the morning [...]

The jersey boys: a circle of Lombardi inspired friendship

A late and unexpected Christmas gift celebrated two key factors in my father's life -- football and friendship. The gift, given to my son Vinnie this week by his godfather, John Olson, mirrored an equally sentimental gift "Ole" gave me nearly 30 years ago. Back then I found one last package addressed to me and [...]