Here are 77 reasons you want to be a Packer fan

As we gear up for the Packer home opener and alumni weekend for the greatest NFL team in the country, we offer the following 77 reasons you want to be a Packer fan: We are womb to tombers. Parents put their babies on the season ticket waiting list the day they are born and the [...]

William Henderson — Portrait of a Pickup Artist

On Monday, before God, the world and my amused husband, former Packer running back William Henderson picked me up. Literally. Turns out the impulsive and thankfully buff athlete makes a habit of picking up women. After he set me down (and I took a moment to collect myself, kiss the ground and say a quick [...]

A Lombardi friendship fit to a (Delaware Wing) T

Just weeks into my first job as professional sports writer 27 years ago, an arrogant high school football coach hurt my feelings as I interviewed him for a season preview. He told me his team would be running the Delaware Wing T offense and I asked him to elaborate. "Oh, honey,” he said “Anyone who knows [...]

The Lombardi Legacy included gifts for the ladies

My mom was just 23-years old when she walked up to the local drugstore in Cincinnati, Ohio and asked her friend the soda jerk for a copy of Life Magazine. "Why do you want to read Life Magazine?" he teased. "I think I'm in it," she said. They opened the January 1962 issue and there [...]

Hall of Fame induction speech take two

Hall of Fame induction speech take two

My Dad took the podium at his induction into the Green Bay Packer Hall of Fame in February of 1989, looked down at the highlighted transcript of speech he and I had carefully written together, glanced out an audience full of family members, teammates, Packer fans, media and the ghosts of the people who had [...]