Playing outside the box

I am not a particularly handy person.

All those ‘it will just take a minute” jobs most people whip through without pause still perplex me.

Rightie tightie ? Lefty loosey? I don’t know. I always figure I have a 50/50 shot.

I’m pretty sure I can identify a Phillips head screwdriver, but I can almost never locate one in my house.

And hex wrenches? Well, they just sound ominous, don’t they?

So, imagine my glee when I assembled myself a new office chair. But wait, it’s me. You don’t even have to imagine my glee because I asked my co-worker Beth (who had assembed her own office chair the week before without any fuss at all) to document the occasion.

“Oh my God, I did it,” I said as I ever-so-gently lowered my backside into it. “This is amazing.”

I gave it a twirl and waited for the plink of an errant screw. But, she held her form! I texted my family and got a “Wow! Well done!” from my loyal daughter Katherine. (Silence from the rest of the crew, so I figured I’d rendered them speechless with pride.)

The day went on and, with it, came the usual frustrations of a busy life. None of it bothered me, though, because I had assembled a chair. All by myself! I grinned like Jack Sparrow striking a pose. All day.

But, that isn’t even the best part. Because you know what’s left when you assemble a chair (besides a couple of extra screws helpfully labeled “spare” so you don’t have to wonder where they were supposed to go)? That’s right, my handy friends, the box.

In fact, I scored two giant boxes thanks to the whole office chair upgrade project we have going on. I wrestled them home and into our family room where two little boys found them and thought Santa had come back for a spring encore.

I helped them saw in some windows (because I’m handy like that now) and they had a blast personalizing them with magic markers and decorating them with blankets and pillows.

It occured to me that if you give a kid a box, some scissors and some time, they might grow up to be the kind of people who assemble their own office chairs. Without any fuss.

I am absurdly proud of this new chair, that did not even fall apart when I lowered my keister into it. PC Beth Gorr
The boxes those chairs came in are an even bigger gift. They’re still sitting in my family room and they’ve become all kinds of wonderful things. Some days, they line the windows up to make one big house. Other days, they’re private clubhouses for respite and relaxation.

3 thoughts on “Playing outside the box

  1. Congratulations Laura…I have to put a lawn mower together…want to help? I need an expert! Great story!👍🙃

  2. LOVE this!! The wonders of children’s creativity! By the way, I disassembled my apartment dryer once and amazed my parents. Shall I move on to chairs?? LOL

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