A grand adventure

I’ve known Sondra Mortier since she was six-years old and one of my daughter Katherine’s best friends. A smiley sprite with big brown eyes and enviable pipes on her tiny arms, Sondra moved with transcendent grace and a beauty she had neither the time nor the need to acknowledge.

In our neighborhood we referred to the singular entity of Sondra-Katherine-Heidi and we enjoyed watching those three little friends hopscotch their way through childhood. As they approached high school and developed individual interests, their bond remained tight and I still think of them flitting about together like the three good fairies in Sleeping Beauty, chirping good cheer and perpetual support.

Seventeen years ago, when I heard Miss Sondra was dating a fellow she worked with at Subway, I increased my sandwich intake in order to check him out.

I needn’t have worried. Adam and Sondra are as made for each other as my standard order of  roast beef on multigrain. 

“Adam is the spirit of spontaneity and adventure,” they wrote in response to my emailed questions for this post. “Sondra is the voice of reason and the planner. Adam is the dreamer. Sondra is the pragmatist. Adam is the bowl of ice cream to Sondra’s chips and queso.”

Food, hard work and a sense of adventure have fueled their relationship ever since. I teared up as I watched them exchange vows in 2017, and have enjoyed seeing their busy lives unfold.

A few years ago they bought a 1995 RV and ventured off on an 12-state road trip with their dogs in tow. During that trip, they suffered two breakdowns that left them stranded for a time first in Rapid City, South Dakota and then in Boulder, Colorado.

In both cases, they made the best of the forced detours and used their downtime well.

“After the shock of it all we were able to settle in for the weekend and explore the nature and beautiful city of Boulder,” Sondra wrote. 

With 1,087 miles to go and work deadlines to meet, they altered their course somewhat but still managed to make their way through Missouri for some excellent barbecue.

“We have certainly thrived on solidarity, good food, and adventure through the years,” Sondra said.

Their grand adventure continues with the happy news that Sondra and Adam are expecting a baby in June. 

I can only imagine the magic wishes Katherine and Heidi will send that precious child’s way.

Sondra-Katherine-Heidi could not have been cuter or kinder to each other as they flitted through their childhood like super supportive sprites.
I took a couple of extra trips to Subway when I learned Sondra was dating her co-worker there, but I really didn’t need to worry. They share a love of adventure and Jack O’Lantern smiles.
They took their dogs on a 12-state trip, learned a lot about the mechanics of 20-year old RVs and ate some excellent barbecue…
…which they found in cool, out of the way places like  KC Baby Back Ribs on Broadway.
Adam’s love for barbecue started off small many years ago…. five smokers later he’s a grilling champ.
In addition to their RV and a home they purchased 10 years ago, Sondra and Adam bought a 1956 Ownahome 40 foot Trailer and are working on renovations there.
Franklin takes the wheel.
Sondra and Adam’s next grand adventure begins in June and I can’t wait to meet their little peanut.

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