Unlikely petunias

I admire most the unlikely flowers, those dropped from an apathetic wind and pushing up tall and strong from unfriendly soil.

I wonder, sometimes, how that feels, having been more of a potted plant myself.

Is there time for a wild seed to ponder its place in the fickle universe or are its days filled with efforts to coax nutrients from rain water and sustenance from the sun?

I think about this from time to time, especially when I spy a particularly startling bloom.

For instance, I recently saw a gorgeous petunia growing from a crack in the sidewalk downtown.

I smiled as I strode past, and then stopped and turned around.

How remarkable.

It is difficult enough for a garden petunia, watered from a hose and fertilized precisely, to maintain its bloom well into August. How is it that this lone plant, stuck on the edge of a city street, thrived?

Some plants summon reservoirs of strength from places maybe even they didn’t know they had.

I find it especially generous, then, for them to share that hard won beauty with the world.

I saw this petunia growing in a crack on a city street downtown and I had to stop and admire it.
Sunflowers growing through a crack in the sidewalk. Go get em, you admirable little stems!
I learned this little beauty was a Scilla and not, in fact, a violet when I posted this picture to my Instagram account. I am a fierce admirer of feisty plants, but I have a lot to learn.

6 thoughts on “Unlikely petunias

  1. There is beauty even in adversity. The human spirit is resilient. Cherish the simple things in life and never fail to observe and appreciate those precious moments. Most of all, let your friends and loved ones know that you appreciate and care for them.

    1. Such excellent advice! Thanks Pete. I always look forward to and appreciate your comments. Have a great day!

  2. When I was a child in the catholic private school run by French nuns, where I spent 10 years of my life, there were inspirational posters all over the building. One of them “Florece donde te planten” (Bloom where you are planted). It turned out to be a lesson for my life away from home, friends and country. And I always think of that when I see the flowers coming out of the most incredible places, blooming, and not being assisted by any gardeners.

    1. You are one of my favorite transplanted flowers and just look at all the seeds of knowledge you”ve planted along the way!

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