The #Thankful Season

Just after the harvest and before the holidays, we get to enjoy a few quiet weeks I like to call the thankful season.

Gratitude seeps into these mornings like sunrise over a frozen field and, if we rise early enough, we can sip our tea slowly and watch it grow.

Thank you for my thick, old robe and fuzzy slippers, for my giant mug and the sweet girl who made it for me, for rattly radiators and the warmth they send through our creaky old house.

Thank you for the people who once sat around this big, dining room table, and for the ones who will make their way back in the coming months. Thank you for the stories they tell, the laughter we share, and the memories we all hold dear.

Thank you for this bold, beautiful city, full of public art, live music, delicious food, ubiquitous parks, and kind, free-thinking folks.

Thank you for my laptop and the technology that connects it to the world.

Thank you for good health, the boot camp instructor I’m about to see and the squat jumps she’ll almost certainly make me do.

Thank you for:


Great literature and quick reads


Perfect pillows

Purple sunsets

Hooting owls

Witty friends

Hallmark holiday movies


Tiny cars

Talented photographers

Fresh water

Hot showers

Interesting jobs

Medical research

Friday nights and Saturday mornings



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