Walking for Wishes

Most wishes are love and our little friend enjoyed those in abundance during Walk for Wishes on a rainy Saturday in Appleton.

Team Myah sported cool black T-shirts with a quote from our captain, “Be strong. Be proud. Be you.” With 58 members, Team Myah raised just under $4,000 for the Make-A-Wish foundation, and channeled all kinds of optimism and joy.

Our leader danced a little as she led us off, held her hands up high in the air, and smiled.

Given the choice, every single one of us, trailing in her wake, would have wished her and all of the other Make-A-Wish children well. We’d have wished for a cure, and an end to the pain.

In fact, I’m sure we’re all continuing to pray for that today.

But, Saturday’s Walk for Wishes celebrated the very specific Make-A-Wish wishes, the kind that give kids a reason to smile, and those are blessings too.

We really enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with Myah and her giant, fun-loving, sweet, inspirational family. Myah’s Make-A-Wish wish will take her to Disney World (Woo hoo!).

As Saturday’s large turn out indicated, every step of her path has been and always will be paved with love.

The Ellsworth Family
That face!
A very poised interview. And, guess what? She’s going to Disney World!
The weather could have been a pinch better…
But smiles like these kept the route toasty.
Team Myah! And that’s not even all of us!
Myah danced a little as she led us off.
“Be strong.”
“Be proud.”
“Be you.”
Raincoats covered the T-shirts…
But the rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm.
A lot of joy, a lot of hope and a lot of love.
Myah can always count on her big brother Sam.
And a whole community of support.
Myah Ellsworth
How ’bout this kid?

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