An ICCA salute to the F-S Band of Brothers

It seemed particularly fitting to those of us who had hosted Fundamentally Sound, an acappella group from the University of Wisconsin, that the all-male performers chose "brotherhood" as the theme of their competitive set for the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Midwest Tournament. The young men recently completed a low-budget tour that included home [...]

Call us Ishmael

When we dip our toes into Lake Winnebago on lazy summer days, we prefer not to think about the giant, prehistoric bottom feeders tooling around its depths. And, except for a couple of days in February, we can splash about happily, intentionally unaware of the snout-nosed, scaly dinosaurs staring up at us. Then, along comes [...]

The table of plenty

Thanks to the generosity of a downsizing grandma and eight amiable siblings, we packed up some solid wood memories Saturday afternoon and gratefully hauled them home. If furniture could talk, our new-to-us dining room table and matching breakfront would babble happily of birthday cakes and Scrabble games, champagne toasts and bratwurst picnics, Chicago pizza and [...]