God bless us, everyone

I'm sporting soggy feet from an aggravating trip to Lambeau Field, anxiously tracking packages from a last-minute, late-night on-line shopping spree, futilely trying to tune-out the mounting chaos in the adjoining family room, and feeling like the luckiest person in the world. Our house, our bellies, and our hearts are full. God bless us, everyone. [...]

How many Kostelniks does it take to screw up an Italian Christmas cake?

Mario Bartali raves about the Italian cakes he sells at his cleverly named Chicago restaurant, Eataly. The Bauli description does sound heavenly with phrases like "irresistible fragrance," "amazingly fresh," "extraordinary," and "a magical moment." Also, I think my sister Jenny may have been influenced by the pretty purple packaging when she picked up Il Pandoro [...]