We’re thankful for eyebrows

Tomorrow when I gather my family around our chaotic dining room table, I'm going to thank God most sincerely for my sister Kathy's eyebrows, because they're dark and lovely and brand spanking new. They gracefully arch over dark blue eyes that reflect profound courage, dignity, strength and optimism. My mom used to chase Kathy around [...]

Five things I learned this weekend

The holiday season begins in T-minus three days and I'm feeling panicky generous. As I'm coming off an especially educational few days, I thought I'd share a few tips I picked up during November's spare weekend. 1) Toilet paper is no substitute for paper toweling. Does this seem obvious to you? It only occurred to [...]

From a Kennedy archive we didn’t know we owned

Yesterday, during our annual hunt through the garage for the Christmas lights, we made an amazing discovery that, due to its uncanny timing, is still giving me goose bumps. Folded into an old high school athletic program and tucked on top of a cardboard box lay a yellowed Green Bay Press Gazette very specifically dated [...]