Chasing unicorns during the happiest 5K on the planet

Our seven-year old niece/cousin Erin, whose singular devotion to the unicorn has led to her wearing the same pink and purple Halloween costume each year since 2007, would have loved the Color Run, billed the happiest 5K on the planet. Erin's favorite magical creature played a prominent role in the run happy jog, which asks [...]

We double-dog dare you not to love these rescue pups

Of all the double entendres, we appreciate the words "rescue dog" most. Pulled from the misery of neglect and abuse, these pets rescue children, families, and even, in our case, entire neighborhoods from boring, egocentric lives. Want a little perspective? Watch a three-legged dog strut down the street with an honestly earned swagger, chin held [...]

A funny thing happened on the way to Second City

We saw three of our favorite funny girls on a quick trip to Chicago this weekend, where we caught the one-woman Grandma Mary Jane Show, now playing at the elegant Whitehall Rehabilitation Center; Katherine Biskupic on stage at Second City; and our funny little niece/cousin Erin, hosting a classic, sparkling pink fairy dusted sleepover for [...]