The extraordinary impact of an ordinary life

Like the well-tailored clothes she chose with charming regularity, my Grandma left a legacy of timeless elegance. Yesterday would have been her 100th birthday and my mother urged us all to celebrate with a generous slice of chocolate fudge cake, her signature dessert. She also made perfect peach pie, bourbon balls and chocolate chip cookies, [...]

You’ll Never Walk Alone

We trudged through the rain on Saturday, a three-generational team in an age-old battle against a scary disease.Cancer attacks with stealth; its biggest ally is silence, its greatest enemy is knowledge. Races like the 31st annual American Cancer Society Sole Burner 5k, which draws nearly 8,000 participants each year, provide a worthy nemesis for cancer, [...]

Gee Wiz I had a Spanish teacher muy excelente

Thanks to the quirky magic of Facebook, the first person to wish me a Happy Birthday this year was my high school Spanish teacher. "¡Feliz cumpleaños, Laura! Desde Chile donde estamos de vacaciones. GWizz" Gee Wiz, that message thrilled me, though we probably hadn't spoken in more than 30 years! Gladys Wisnefske brought an enticing element of savoir faire to [...]