Enchanted April

Meteorologists use scientific phrases like rising dew points and a waning gibbous  to describe the spectacular weekend we finally enjoyed here in the Midwest. But I prefer a more whimsical approach. After 25 straight cold, grey days, I like to think we finally earned ourselves an Enchanted April, which is not coincidentally the name of the [...]

And with the 26th pick the Packers select…

In some ways the most memorable NFL draft my family experienced happened in 1999 when 12-year old Charlie, who loved a good practical joke, re-set the password on our cable box, blocked ESPN and left town with me, his unsuspecting mother. That year the Eagles dramatically chose Donovan McNab amid a chorus of boos from misguided [...]

Here’s to our mom (a post by Charlie, Katherine, Vinnie and Molly)

Thank you Mom Thank you for typing my stories when I was a kid Thank you for giving me broccoli and cheese for my birthday Thank you for driving me to and from football practice and play practice and choir practice, even when it meant getting up at 5 o'clock on subzero winter mornings Thank [...]