Happy New Year

But wait! We're not finished with 2012 yet! We're not quite ready to ring in the New Year because we haven't properly capped off the old and 525,600 minutes isn't nearly enough time! We have a few things left on our to-do list and we need to get crackin' Before midnight tonight we'd like to: [...]

Oh tidings of comfort and joy

Yesterday marked the glorious juxtaposition of our two favorite seasons here in Wisconsin -- Christmas and Packer season. Thankfully this year, we can give our full attention to both. Sunday our peaking Packers gave us 55 reasons to celebrate. From the time we arrived (three hours before kick-off, thanks to an overzealous driver) through 28 [...]

Snow Day 2012, brought to you by me (a post by Molly)

Wednesday night across all Appleton's news stations, Thursday was decreed a snow day… and there was much rejoicing. I don't mean to brag or anything, but the snow yesterday was pretty much all my doing. You see, last Saturday a rainstorm quickly melted away all remnants of winter. Our hope for a white Christmas looked [...]