A duffer’s view

Every year I pop into a local golf course. I admire the greens, the spiffy clothes and the good-natured people who gather there and I think, "This is the year I'm going to take up this game." Then, after I hack my way around the course, slicing, hooking, shanking, whiffing, topping, trapping and often sending [...]

The Green and Red Pepper Club

My kids and their cousins belong to an exclusive club with three basic tenets -- kindness, generosity and wit -- that exemplify its founders. The Green and Red Pepper Club, "Our membership is always mushrooming," represented perpetual president Grandpa Vince's delight with his growing number of grandchildren, whom he called his "pepper pals." Every year he celebrated [...]

Madagascar vanilla and a pot belly pig

We made our own vanilla Saturday night with a group of people whose self-sufficiency reviles Bear Grylls of Man vs. Wild. Though the only beast we encountered was a charming pot belly pig named Jellybean, we felt adventurous as we culled our vanilla beans and prepared to extract the caviar. Did you know you could make your own [...]

Coffee, Tea, Lunch, Punch! And a cake from my great-grandma

Coffee, Tea, Lunch, Punch! And a cake from my great-grandma

      A post by Molly    We always called my Great-Grandma Julie, Baba. Baba means old woman in Polish...we think. In fact, I didn't actually know her real name until years after she passed away. She lived in the coal mining town of Colver, Pennsylvania. Every summer, we'd take the long drive to Colver to visit Bubba and [...]