And the night shall be filled with music

Dr. Tim Winch used to herald the New Year in our neighborhood by taking a midnight lap around the block playing Auld Lang Syne on his trombone. Behind him trailed lucky invitees to the Winch New Year'sEve party, whose happy revelry loudly laid claim to one of the coolest holiday gatherings in town. Sadly, Dr. [...]

A toast to my big brother George. The richest man in town.

Until my mother brought a beautiful bouquet (and, inexplicably, a loaf of challah) to our house, I had not considered that this would be the silver anniversary for my husband and me. I often still feel like the college kid who worked long hours on the student newspaper and flirted with a handsome goofball named Vince. [...]

A perfect season of friendship lasts nearly 50 years

Among the many enduring friendships built during the Lombardi era, perhaps the most unusual was that of tight end Marv Fleming and my mother, Peggy Kostelnik. Fleming, who stood 6-4, grew up poor in South Los Angeles. Boosted by her sixties bouffant, Mom barely reached 5-2 and led a charmed life as a Cincinnati co-ed. [...]

Merry Christmas from Molly and Me

Four times I've had the sad task of explaining the reality of Santa Claus. My breath caught for just a moment when my oldest son asked the question as our car stopped at a light on the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Richmond Street nearly 20 years ago. He blindsided me with his innocent question and [...]