We chickened out of the bacon grease

My grandmothers were bakers, one a city gal and the other a mountain matriarch. Grandma Fey matched earrings to her stylish pantsuits and took day trips to Pogue's Department Store in downtown Cincinnati. Her specialties were peach pie and chocolate cake. Grandma Jay preferred housecoats, hot tea and front porch gossip. Her specialties were walnut [...]

Cheers to the bookends

The last task of a busy Thanksgiving weekend fell to our bookends. Charlie, 24-years old and soon to leave for his home in New York, and Molly, 13, faced off across the wishbone. So similar are these two, with their left handedness, stubborn streaks and complete recall of obscure information, that the standoff could have [...]

The perfect pastoral Thanksgiving starts with pigskin

With a nod to the ancestors who inspired this holiday, we spent Thanksgiving in a cabin this year. Should you ever be so inclined, we're including these tips. Tuck them into the blaze orange jacket you'll require and keep them handy for next year. 1) Print off all of your recipes because there is no [...]

The butcher botched the turkey and made a delicious memory

My grandfather raised cain and two lovely daughters in his red brick house on North Bend Road. A Renaissance man with a sweet tenor voice, he sang on a Cincinnati radio station and tooled around town in his own cool car from the age of 16. He worked hard as a butcher in his parent's grocery [...]

Here’s to the middle of the Pack

Aaron Rodgers is a middle child. Maybe that's not the most impressive statistic for a man with a quarterback rating of 130.7, but for the purposes of our weekend, it suited nicely. An offhand observation during our family's pre-game festivities, which began Saturday night, set the theme for us. We had prepared a ridiculously indulgent meal [...]